The following testimonials are from patients who have written to their doctors at E.M.O.G. to express their gratitude. As you can tell, we love getting people back on their feet!


Letter from H. Allen DixonDear Dr. Moffatt:

This is to thank you again for your expertise and outstanding services related to my knee-replacement surgery, 11-5-2014.

This is on the occasion of my final out-patient physical therapy session (3-27-15). I was hesitant in having to leave your EMOG therapists, due to having to change insurance at the start of 2015. After 28 sessions with the Smith Clinic since 1-2015, I can now highly recommend your therapy division and also Smith Clinic. Rita, in your office, gave a strong recommendation for the Smith group (from a list of clinics in our new network and located fairly near our home). Please thank her on our behalf.

I can even walk straighter by now. For whatever reasons, I’ve had a walking deficit for quite some time; I tended to “waddle” side to side, etc. You obviously did your job extremely well and out-patient therapy has also been a great factor. Now that spring is here, I’m looking forward to short and longer walks that I was hardly able to take before this surgery.

I’m close to five months from surgery (4-5). Will plan to keep a home exercise routine until at least six months after 11-5-14. Thanks for your thoughtful offer for me to return to your office if needed (although EMOG is no longer in our insurance network). Hopefully, another visit after 1-7-15 will not be necessary.

Many thanks, once again! We wish you and all patients the very best in each surgery and all you do to help others gain better health and function… wishing you personally all the best, health-wise and otherwise!

- H. Allen Dixon and Mary Jo

“A prayer is a wish turned toward Heaven.”

P.S. A clipping is enclosed from a recent “Commercial Appeal” sports section. Two cases are mentioned that relate to Orthopedics. One is about an inspiring decision by Vandy quarterback Patton Robinette. The other is about Archive Manning having to undergo “more surgery.” This make me even more thankful that I have not needed more (due to infection or some other problem). Such could still develop, in spite of excellent surgical proceedings… but as I ramble I’m simply expressing gratitude again for your most excellent work in my case. I’m glad that I returned to EMOG for the second replacement.



Letter from Judy ClarkDear Dr. Galyon,

As you were consulting me about starting Prolia injections (Dr. Gupta-Ganguli on August 12), I could feel a tremendous relief leaving me. All the fears I’ve kept inside were being replaced by sound advice.

Sir, you are truly the epitome of a very caring, compassionate, ready-to-help person who also happens to be a physician. Anytime I’ve come to you with an issue - shoulder manipulation, Baker’s Cysts (you introduced me to Dr. Lindy), when my fingers wouldn’t bend (Mobic) — anything — you made sure I was taken care of. What you possess is a gift from God.

Thank you so much for setting me straight in such a kind way.

Most sincerely,

Judy Clark



Postcard from Crater Lake[From Crater Lake National Park]

Hi Dr. Lindy — 

Crater Lake is awesome. There is still snow on the top. The water is so blue! Joe keeps telling me to get off the edge! — he’s such a worrier! hee! I love being able to run around on my new knee!


[From Redwoods National & State Parks]

Postcard from Redwood ForestHi Doc,

Made it to the Redwood Forest and the PCH (pacific coast highway). Joe keeps telling me to get out of the trees! Sigh… so beautiful here.




 [From Medicine Bow National Forest]

Postcard from Medicine Bow National Forest

Hi Doc,

Well, we made it this far! OFF to do the twists in the Grand Tetons next! My knee is most excellent — motorcycling is good for it! If it gets stiff I just stand upon the foot pegs for a bit. Thanks so much for giving me my life back!



Postcard from Outer Banks NC[From Outer Banks North Carolina]

Hi Doc,

I got to see the wild ponies on Shackleford because you fixed my knee! Thank you!!! Joe is hiding in the bushes (I am so grateful!)




[From Cape Hatteras North Carolina]Postcard from Cape Hatteras

Hi Doc,

It is beautiful here AND I am pain free AND able to run around (or up!) like crazy! Thanks for my knee!




Postcard from Outer Banks NC

[From Outer Banks, North Carolina]

“I don’t know but I’ve been told, you never slow down you never grow old…”

Thanks for my knee!


[From the Arizona Meteor Crater]

Postcard from Meteor CraterHi Dr. Lindy —

We had a good time at the crater. Joe keeps telling me to get out of the hole! See ya soon!





Postcard from Avila Beach[From Avila Beach, California]

Hi Dr. Lindy,

We made it to San Luis Obispo — the beach is great! Joe keeps telling me to get off the rocks… geese — can’t have any fun! See you soon —

— Fiona Elizabeth Tripp Stout